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The first performance-based content ad network for YouTube, Twitch, and Podcasts.
No more endless paperwork, emails, or negotiations.

For Advertisers

Reach your marketing goals with organic in-content advertisements on YouTube, Twitch, or Podcasts. Here are some examples of campaigns you can run with BearBuzz.

With BearBuzz, we prioritize accurate measurements so you can exactly track your marketing spend:

For Creators

BearBuzz was created for YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, and Podcasters.

  • Find relevent, on-brand sponsorships
  • Earn more with better performing ads
  • Get paid immediately
  • Sign up for deals in minutes

Team Members

Hetong Li

Co-founder and CEO, Growth Expert

Hetong was Head of Growth Engineering at Instacart. She was also the founding engineer for both Twitter Ads Performance and various ads products at Instacart.

Richard Cao

Co-founder and CTO, YouTuber

Richard was the lead for multiple engineering teams at Amazon for 7 years. He runs a gaming media company with 1.5M+ monthy active users and a YouTube channel with 1.2+ billion minutes watched.

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